Folding Baby Portable Shower Bathtub
Folding Baby Portable Shower Bathtub
Folding Baby Portable Shower Bathtub
Folding Baby Portable Shower Bathtub
Folding Baby Portable Shower Bathtub
Folding Baby Portable Shower Bathtub
Folding Baby Portable Shower Bathtub
Folding Baby Portable Shower Bathtub
Folding Baby Portable Shower Bathtub

Folding Baby Portable Shower Bathtub

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Folding Baby Portable Shower Bathtub. Sleek, clever, adaptable, and designed to support your growing baby in a variety of ways!

This amazing baby bathtub folds up and collapses down so you can store this wonder-worker away or take it on the go and the best part is that its lightweight and easy to clean. Need we say more?

What a useful and practical BabyTub-Folding Baby Portable Shower Bathtub to have in a travel situation or when you're short on space. In any case, it'll make bath time a whole lot smoother and less cluttered.

This baby bathtub is the perfect tool for first-time moms, as well as veteran moms. It's also the perfect tub as your baby grows. The baby bathtub is simple, convenient and safe. The happiness of the child and the peace of mind of the mother are the original intention of the design of this product. The best portable shower bathtub is equipped with a detachable safety bath mat, suitable for babies aged 0-6 months; remove the safety bath mat, suitable for babies older than 6 months. Therefore, this bathtub is suitable for most babies and children of suitable height.


Ultra-thin and exquisite: Easy to fold, the folding height is only 9cm/3.54in, does not take up space, and can be stored at will. Additional leg supports with non-slip material supports can be quickly and safely positioned on any flat surface.

Intelligent temperature alarm and real-time temperature sensing: When the temperature is lower than 35℃, there will be yellow backlight flashing and buzzer sound prompt; when the water temperature is higher than the set value, there will be red backlight flashing and buzzer sound prompt; when the water temperature range is suitable , Has a green backlight, and displays the time and current water temperature. With a safe and waterproof thermometer, you can clearly see the temperature display and know the temperature of your baby's bathing water at the first time, without worrying about your baby getting a cold or getting burned.

Safe material and easy to clean: Environmentally friendly PP material, non-slip and strong, TPE material is soft and elastic, durable, specially designed for infants and young children, does not contain harmful substances for babies. There is a drain stopper at the bottom, opening the drain stopper can drain water quickly and completely. The smooth material and professional design make the whole bathtub not easy to accumulate water and easy to wash.


  • Material: PP+TPE
  • Size: 83*21*53cm/32.67*8.26*20.86 inch (Approx.)
  • Folded size: 75*9*53cm/29.52*3.54*20.86 inch (Approx.)
  • Battery: AG13/LR44 button battery *3

Package Includes:

  • 1*Foldable bathtub
  • 1*Bath Mat
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